Smart Cities and Technology behind it
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The course is focused on the concept of smart cities with technology tools and applications in modern urban areas. Students will study the behaviour of a street in Ahmedabad and will re-design the street with all possible automation, interactions, data monitoring, and controlling. Technology has expanded so well that one can control the surrounding using Mobile phones and Computers at the fingertip. Automation is directly or indirectly connected everywhere in our surrounding such as Controlling lights in indoor/outdoor, movements in dynamic installations, household equipment like fans and air conditioners, to monitor data such as humidity, temperature, smoke, pollution, vibrations, fluid flows, pressure, weight, etc. Topics covered in the course include Introduction to Technology basis of smart cities, Introduction to the Basic of Automation and devices that they use knowingly and unknowingly, Bluetooth controlled devices covering application, Introduction to Automation through wi-fi, how to apply the wi-fi network-based chip in the required areas. Students will solve the problems using electronics in the projects on the given topic.

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