Speculative Fictions : Explorations in digital sculpting
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Speculative Fictions is a design workshop that focuses on the ideation of form and aesthetics through digital sculpting. This methodology can be optimized to fit various scales - from character and product design, architectural expressions and the development of large-scale fictional worlds. An introduction to the software ZBrush, allows us to engage with advanced modelling techniques to achieve these effects. The workshop will focus on creating forms that emerge from the hybridity of machinic elements and organic imperfections; with an emphasis on complex geometries, ornamental articulation and surface-level detail.

Architects and designers use digital tools primarily as a tool for design management and to aid productivity. However, digital mediums can offer new ways of approaching and thinking about design rather than simply exist as a tool for efficiency. In the workshop, we will explore digital mediums as conceptual devices rather than a mere tool. We will break away from the notion that plan is the generator of form. Using methods like Sampling and Kitbashing, we will generate high-resolution forms that are impossible to make with the traditional draw and extrude principle.

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