Stairs - An element of design statement
Image source: RPA

Stair is an inevitable and significant architectural element. It facilitates vertical movement between various levels. A well designed stair demands attention and speaks volumes about the architectural language of that space. This can be fulfilled by integrating various parameters in design, viz; placement in a space, shape & profile, choice of materials, variation in dimensional aspects, etc.

Utilitarian purpose of a staircase is transitional by nature, unlike other areas which require a flat horizontal surface. A well designed stair ensures the vertical movement is not physically exhaustive and is ergonomically within the comfort zone. Within the method of ensuring structural stability for a stair, the untapped opportunities for design exploration are abundant.

This is reinforced by the fact that material/s for stair plays a pivotal role in governing the form & structure that can be the decisive factor to a well designed stair. Understanding the structural characteristics of material and its behavior under loaded condition can be the yield point of diverse & innovative details - be it treads and risers, handrail, baluster, etc.

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