Street-fight: A contest on an urban public place
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In any city, public places play a role which go beyond just being an open space between buildings. These public places can become a stage to numerous social as well as economic activities along with civic engagement. Amongst these spaces, streets have the ability to hold together a diverse group of socio-economic background. It is this strength of the streets which attracts diverse activities on it. But streets rarely are designed keeping in mind this strength, which leads to a constant contest. Pedestrian, motorised vehicles, vendors (moving and stationery), cyclists, homeless, shop owners on the street edge, all these are a part in this contest of occupying the space. There is an overlap of several layers which give the street its character. In some case these overlaps work well while in some these overlaps create chaos.

Some of these layers are a permanent fixture on the street while some keep on adding and removing themselves across they day.The course will focus on identifying and mapping these layers, which will help in understanding the transformation of spaces on the street across the day.

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