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Built environment is a complex phenomenon created to improve the quality of human life. It entails huge number of resources to create and to provide uninterrupted services in the buildings for its lifespan. As per UNEP, the building sector has the largest potential for significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to other major emitting sectors. This can be achieved by making provisions for efficient usage of resources in built environment, balancing economic and environmental issues to create least burden on the natural environment. This course focuses on efficient practices of various services implemented in buildings with high ratings. The course is designed to provide the knowledge and exposure about state of the art building service practices followed by the implementation of these in various types of new and existing projects. The students would be exposed to various kinds of efficient service systems practiced in buildings/built environment in India by visiting and studying such cases. Finally, the students will also be involved in to finding efficient solutions for the given local conditions within the course.
Expenses for Students - Food & Stay - Rs. 16000/- ; Local Travel - Rs. 12000/-

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