Tactical Urbanism- a new Jugaad ?
Image source: SWS Summer School 2021

Cities have numerous unused, ignored, and dead spaces that are usually by-products of planning and development projects. Efforts should be made to tap into these spaces that have the potential to enhance the imageability of the built environment along with the quality of life, safety and comfort of the neighbourhood and its residents. Across the globe, several examples of Tactical Urbanism (short term, low–cost, scalable and temporary methods) has successfully been able to act as a catalyst for bringing long term physical and policy level changes with public and government support.
This course will enable the students to identify and address the underutilised spaces in the neighbourhood. It will introduce them to several methods and techniques of tactical urbanism used for transforming the space, making it safe and vibrant. By applying this knowledge, the students have to revitalise a potential space in their neighbourhood using DIY solutions through adaptive re-use, i.e, using everyday objects or materials that are discarded, neglected, or ignored.

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