Tapping the potential of Vertical Design Element - Partition
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Out of the three fundamental space creating elements - 2 Horizontals (floor & ceiling) and 1 Vertical (partition), the most prominent one is the partition. Some of the prominent purposes that it serves are listed below:
It acts as a space dividing element (physical and visual)
It gives a sense of privacy and enclosure.
It acts as a backdrop for a space.
It can define circulation and control the amount of light in a space
It can act as an acoustical treatment
It can segregates and houses services
It possesses the potential to transform the spatial character of the space
It can be an Aesthetic enhancing element.

It is one of the prominent and most perceived elements of a space, possessing the potential to govern the design language. The visual engagement with a partition is maximum since the space is predominantly perceived from eye level. This facilitates the possibility of exploration in design for a partition that can be either visually dynamic or functionally dynamic or both.

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