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Kangra Valley is situated in the western Himalayas in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India.The valley is home to the exquisite medieval heritage villages of Pragpur and Garli. The villages with cobblestone streets,old water tanks, mud-plastered walls, and slate-roofed houses and narrow streets, lined with fort-like houses, havelis, and villas, are indicative of the area's aged charm.The students will document and develop an analogy between past and present. Placemaking will be learned by traveling through the intersecting timelines. Detailed study of the heritage villages of Garli and Pragpur in the Kangra Valley will reveal the 4th C Mauryan period temple with Tankri inscriptions on stone, the 8th century monolithic heritage Hindu temple complex of Masroor, portraying the Nagara style of shikharas, the Guler school of Pahari style miniature paintings showing influence of Mughal period in Kangra valley and the medieval anglo-Indian architecture of the trading community at Garli and Pragpur are reminders of the colonial influence.
An objective of the course is to comprehend the various styles of architecture synthesized along with a timeline that weaves through layers of culture, religion, art and craft, building traditions and urban context. Documentation techniques adopted will be visual mediums like Sketches, Photographs, &Drawings, to render a vivid picture of the story of the place. Inferences gathered from the material, construction technology, &spatial configurations within the given geographical and historical context reinforces the significance of architecture as an important footprint left behind by cultures.
Expenses for Students :- Materials - Rs. 2000/-, Food & Stay - Rs. 22000/-, Local Travel - Rs. 5000/-

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