The beautiful ancient art from Mithila,
Image source: my students' work

Madhubani Art is a very famous style of Indian Painting, History of the origin of the paintings, is believed to date back to the time of Ramayana, When King Janak of Mithila kingdom had asked his Artists to make paintings to capture moments of her daughter Sita's wedding to Prince Ram.The art styles and skills are practiced in Mithila region of Bihar. Traditionally the paintings were done on mud walls and floors,where various communities' women created paintings with their own distinctive styles using tools like, hands fingers,twigs using rice floor and dyes obtained from various flowers and leaves and other natural elements,where natural elements and deity in the decorative forms were their subjects which filled with eye-catching geometrical patterns,borders with bright earthy colors.Art style has been passed through generations to generations and the content & style have mostly remained same,This internationally famous .rt style has received GI(Geographical indication) status.Due to high demand of the art,now paintings are done on wall as well on paper,canvas Artist are using brushes,nib pens and different types of paints and mythological motifs to create beautiful Art forms.

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