The Cartoon Lens
Image source: By Instructor

Sometimes witty sometimes gritty, cartoons create messages and stories that are extremely engaging and persuasive. Using satire, exaggeration, and humour as their tools, cartoons comment on aspects ranging from politics and social issues to events of everyday life, many times with a tinge of sarcasm. A pictorial parody using humour, even a simple cartoon can convey great meaning with just a few strokes of the pen! The course offers a jolly week-long getaway from everyday mundane life! Creating storyboards with the CEPT campus as the backdrop is the primary focus of the course. With the experiences and ideas of life on campus, the course will develop multiple themes of storytelling based on the individual’s interests. Developing characters, turning abstract ideas into creative images, and constructing literal or metaphoric narratives, are some of the objectives the course offers. Playing with the scales and proportions of the spaces, the exaggeration of the cartoons brings forth the fun side of campus life. The final output of the course will be a long cartoon section cutting through the CEPT campus. It will be a montage of the individual student’s part sections.

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