Image source: SOUMITRO GHOSH

The drawing and print winter 2022 studio is a time that will belong to the unravelling of the narrative of the architectural endeavor. Where the drawing is a tool of imagining, carry social, historical and cultural connections, desires, connotations, points of view, individual / collective memories and other subjective aspects. We wish to explore drawing as a tool and a precursor / a step in resolution of ideas as well as the creative tool for new narratives, if a structure is already built, which can be an introspection beyond its form / body/shape. We seek to explore also the idea of reading into architecture of any time, place, culture, fables, mythology, story, film etc. anything that imply space. We are looking for an intense and conversation driven engagement and the celebration through the act of representation/ drawing. There will be an exhibition of the stages of drawing, representing and the print. We look forward to thought provoking times where our shared ideas will enrich in the process you and us alike.

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