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The places in Kutch like Jakhau & Suthri are two small villages. Once thriving towns & important hubs of the Kutch region, a trend of abandonment has set in very fast. This is not only a problem about this area, but it is becoming an issue that can be recognised in several parts of the country. This project is part of an international research about territorial fragilities in the world. This module wants to investigate this topic developing critical thinking about territorial resilience in Kutch Region. The course would focus on method to understand the site through analysis and evaluation. The mapping underlines a perceptive and phenomenological investigation, in which we read time, space and life of the architecture & what happens around it. Then, we combine the socio-cultural evaluation with the morphological connotations in contemporary conditions.Through the workshop, we intend to understand the actual condition, document the history and heritage, interact with locals, observe their way of life, & understand how we can construct a dialogue on some of the important issues related to social and cultural identity in fragile territories like these. Our work will include observations in the villages and interactions with the people, identifying key narratives and toolkit to define the degrees of transformability on contemporary conditions. The output is to define the design strategies based on the recycling and reuse of architectural components and open spaces. Our project is an attempt to document, preserve and bring forward the lesser known life of Kutch and revitalize the area creating livelihood opportunities for local communities and attracting new people.Expenses for Students-Material Cost - Rs. 2000/-, Food & Stay - Rs. 12000/-, Local Travel-Rs.-6000/-

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