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“The Icons of IRWIN” is a seminar-based study of the icons of IRWIN, artworks first produced in the 1980s when IRWIN was part of the art collaborative NSK (Neue Slowenische Kunst).“NSK was a collective which bound together collectives and groups – Laibach, Irwin and the Scipion Nasice Sisters Theatre/SNTS – with approaches to a range of disciplines. They conceived a series of departments – New Collectivism, The Department of Pure and Applied Philosophy, Retrovision, Film and Builders – Which underpinned the theory and practice of the aesthetic principle behind the retro-avant-garde, primarily drawing on influences from the Russian avant-garde, Bauhaus and Fluxus.” (Museo Reina Sofía)
The project, to be based at the Academy of Visual Arts, Ljubljana, will engage students and artist-scholars in a performative study of the generative mysteries of IRWIN’s icons. IRWIN co-founders Miran Mohar and Borut Vogelnik, now faculty at the AVA, will act as “guides” for the project. Slovene ethnographic, documentary filmmaker Valentina Cvjetkovic will serve as project cinematographer. Questions to be addressed include: What exhibition, performance, and publication platforms were engaged in the 1980s? Which were refused? Why the appropriation of the icon? What obstacles existed and how were they overcome?Learning outcomes include: forms of transmedia-based inquiry; performative research methodologies; and editioning strategies for multimedia presentation, publication, and archival dossier. A concluding “zero-budget” transmedia dossier will be collectively produced.
Expenses for Students : Food & Stay cost :Rs.41000/, Local travel : Rs.12800/ as mentioned in expenses.

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