The Power of Productivity
Image source: Instructor

Most successful people are also the most productive. Research suggests that being productive not only make us more effective, but also make our life purposeful, happy and joyous. We don’t even realise how small things like our habits, spaces around us, our physical and mental health affect our performance and productivity. Thus, this course aims to explore all of these aspects and more.

It will equip you with various tools & strategies to enhance your personal and study productivity. It will help you overcome procrastination and make you an action – taker. Through various exercises and activities, you would create a personal productivity plan that works for you. Productivity hacks from world’s top 1% achievers, will help you carve a right path for yourself.

Thus the course focusses on holistic approach towards productivity, with the aim of helping you lead a more balanced, happier and fulfilled life.

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