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For all those who are studying in the field of architecture & design, applied arts in general and those who all like to deepen their drawing skills but above all acquiring freedom in the use of drawing as a medium of expression, research and to generate ideas! "The sudden change of the line", this characteristic property of the medium drawing will be the common thread throughout the workshop. Working basically with pencil and paper, drawing is the improvisation tool above all other. It is ideally suited for visualizing ideas quickly, the starting point. The character of all the lessons will be to switch between working from observation and working from imagination. If we draw in a classical way, in response to what we see, we are engaged with perceiving, form research, proportions and its registration. With drawing from imagination however, the emphasis is on the individual input. By using certain techniques such as editing, in which we mutate an existing object or original, we can generate new images and ideas. This is exactly where the power lies in the medium of drawing. Direct and flexible. We alternately work with pictures, objects and a model. There will be drawing sessions outside the academy, in the Old City(Ahmedabad). In the workshop we will work with different concepts like reproduction, modification, converting, assembling, transformation and representation. Assignments and discussions will take place both individually and in groups. The results to be generated will be of students : using drawing as a tool to: -depict or generate images and concepts; and then create an autonomous drawing.

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