Image source: Doh Eain, Yangon

The back alleys of Yangon can be understood as the smallest units of public space amidst an otherwise dense fabric. As such, these spaces manifest a unique dynamic of engagements with space, multiplicity of uses & collaborative ownership. It is in these spaces that public life, in all its mundaneness & its quotidian is manifested. From 2017, Doh Eain, a Yangon based social development organisation has intervened in back alleys in a collaborative, human-centred way. Join hands in an international collaboration between Sustained Actions for Value & Environment & Doh Eain in a exercise of spatial & ethnographic documentation that measures the impact of these interventions – engaging with critical questions of design logic, public life & stories as manifested in these back-alleys. During the course, participants & Doh Eain & residents will investigate the human-centred impact of design choices within the back alleys as manifested and transformed during use. The documentation serves both as a baseline for future projects & an understanding of how collective design choices as part of everyday living practices interact with, value-add & transform a particular design intervention. The workshop culminates in an exhibition to share findings uncovered - designed & implemented on site. Ultimately, the time spent in Yangon seeks to inculcate skills of documentation and analysis through interdisciplinary entry points (architecture, ethnography) that transcend notions of space as static permanent to that of being in flux, temporal & generated through activities. This will be done in an immersive, cross-cultural, collaborative setting that equally privileges learning, interactions, fun & tangible deliverables.Expenses for Students - Food and Stay - Rs.6500/, Local Travel - Rs. 1000/-

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