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For the urban revival of any city,it’s a prerequisite that citizens engage with the spaces,buildings & histories that characterize it, rather than deny those features;that they understand & reuse them.Yet the conservation narrative has only marginally gone beyond protecting & restoring individual,monumental landmarks.Low priority & inertia towards advocacy & designation of historic precincts have emerged as core challenges to the process. Architectural discourse in Calcutta, has classically been dominated by towering colonial institutions & aristocratic mansions the quintessential City of Palaces. Amit Chaudhuri was instrumental in challenging this discourse by advocating for the city's neighbourhoods & its distinct residential heritage through his writings and the formation of Calcutta Architectural Legacies. CAL strongly acknowledges the anonymous but expansive late 19th & 20th century neighbourhoods & middle-class dwellings. As products of the “new” Calcutta, that of modernity & modernism,leading to a new & eclectic architectural idiom these clusters & their composite character are under severe threat today of demolition,insensitive alterations & disrepair. This course introduces students to such unexplored historic quarters of Calcutta in a bid to raise public awareness & call to action for their urgent conservation.The program is in association with CAL, not-for-profit citizen's initiative to educate, engage & empower fellow citizens to protect, preserve & resignify historic neighbourhoods & houses.Students will engage with various stakeholders-residents, heritage advocates,architects,media - to document & design a public campaign.Expenses for Students: Material Cost: Rs 1000/-, Local Travel: Rs 4000/-,Food&Stay:Rs 15000/-+ travel expense as mentioned in expenses.

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