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The course begins with a History of Glass & its Evolution in a modern context.
A brief Audio-Visual presentation will enable students to get an overview of possible applications.

Practical Studio Class:
1) Stained Glass:
This module will introduce the student to the wonderful world of Stained Glass, through a series of sessions in techniques like cutting, grinding, foiling of glass.
Includes Designing for Stained Glass, Structural concept.

2) Glass Staining:
Understanding of the Material
The Process
Compatibility for use in conjunction with stained glass
Designing for a theme based panel

3) Abrasive Techniques in Glass:
Etched Glass & Textural Glass Techniques
Exploration of etching & sandblasting, with an understanding of their uses in contemporary requirements

4) Furnace Module & Hot Glass Techniques:
Theory Class
This will include an understanding of the temperatures, annealing, cooling, calculations of the Hot Glass Processes.

Practical Sessions:
Slumping of Glass
Fusing of Glass/Inclusions
Recycled glass & its applications
Simple projects will be undertaken in all processes

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