Image source: https://www.archdaily.com/460721/remembering-bawa/52b0a5a5e8e44e04e300004c-remembering-bawa-image

The course will include travel to Bentota, Sri Lanka to appreciate and investigate the making of a 'place' by trying to critically understand two important gardens - Lunuganga and Brief by Geoffery Bawa and Bevis Bawa respectively. We will attempt to understand these places as an intersection between context, designer and articulation.
While the larger context of the gardens is the same, they both present different approaches and attitudes towards design and articulation. Looking at both the gardens simultaneously will allow for a richer understanding and in-depth reading of context and the making of a place.We will read both the gardens through multiple means -text, images and experience. Students will be encouraged to identify,unique qualities of the site that are fundamental to understanding the character of the place. It will look at ways to understand the relationship of ones experience of a place in relation to its context, both immediate and the larger setting and what is the idea of 'place-making'. We will also explore a range of exploratory and representational techniques to promote the understanding of 'place'.
The course outcomes include a means of visual representation that allows a reading of the continuity of spatial experiences that imparts a 'sense of place' to any landscape.It also intends to generate discussions and ideas to develop outlines to understand such places meaningfully. Participants should be Interested in reading, writing and drawing.
Expenses for Students : Local travel cost: Rs.5000/, Food and Stay cost : Rs.20000/as mentioned in expenses.

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