Understanding World Cities
Image source: Navnit S

This winter school puts together a cluster of urban transformation projects and experiences from the cities around the world to engage students in debates related to the urban planning/design and transformation process through virtual learning. This Winter School uses comparative urbanism as a pedagogical tool. There are many cities around the world, which have challenged the conventional planning/design paradigm through their urban transformation processes. Many world cities have found some unique solutions to their urban problems.

These world cities are different from many Indian cities in terms of topography, demography, social structure, historical context and planning/design paradigm. Yet there is a lot to learn from how living within the land or resource constraints shapes innovations and solutions to urban problems. It goes without saying that this international experience cannot be emulated for the Indian cities. Learning from comparison will help the budding urban professionals from India and prepare them for ‘what to expect’ or ‘how to plan/design’ when confronted with similar situations. This winter school is part of the foundation program led by Dr. Rutul Joshi.

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