Unfinished Symphonies
Image source: Course Faculty

A walk around our cities is sure to reveal architectural projects that have been left unfinished or perhaps were completed but never saw a user walk in and occupy it. Is it an ambitious commercial project that suffered from under-funding? Or someone’s dream home that was abandoned for some reason? Or an infrastructural project that came to a halt with a change in the government or fell prey to corruption? Or a project that was ill-conceived to start with –perhaps too revolutionary or too premature as an idea? Seeking to examine such projects & explore the possibility of taking them past the finishing line, students in this course will investigate underlying reasons that cause projects to remain unfinished or unoccupied. Through a study of parallel examples from the world of art, cinema & literature, they will be encouraged to think about larger questions such as -Should everything that is started necessarily be taken to completion? Is there value in the unfinished? Is reviving an unfinished project worth the time, money & effort? The final outcome would in the form of elaborate systems charts & an artwork that would represent the student’s utopian vision for the completed project.

Course Faculty