Universe to Metaverse
Image source: Output image from Summer School 2022

The recent development in technology has enabled architects, designers, and engineers to efficiently document, iterate, and virtually experience spaces. While digital scanning enables us to digitize the existing, Virtual Reality transports the user to a 3D environment where they can conceptualize, construct, and experience their design. The course intends to integrate these technologies to develop a design process which transforms the physical to digital, and digital to the virtual world.
The course will be conducted in two phases: 1. Digital Scanning and Modelling of Existing structure and 2. Parametric modelling of virtual spaces within the existing structure.
The first phase intends to explore the application of 3D scanning technology using drones to document and model existing buildings. While in the second phase, students will explore the idea of creating their own virtual parametric spaces for the modelled building by bringing in their past experiences or futuristic design ideas using VR headsets. They will thus cross the boundary of mimicking real physical spaces to suggest what could be a virtual parametric space and its user experience.

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