Urban commons - The Singapore perspective
Image source: https://www.governmentarchitect.nsw.gov.au/resources/case-studies/2017/11/bishan-ang-mo-kio-park

Urban commons as shared spaces for the enactment of the city’s social life. Urbanites depend on them for transit, recreation, fitness, mental health, and amongst other aspects. These commons also provide layered ecological services and green infrastructure that are critical to the urban matrix. Singapore is at the forefront of innovative commons design and post-occupancy evaluation. It hosts several award-winning and globally acclaimed urban spaces. The course will study urban commons in Singapore across several scales and situations to understand their social use, ecological contribution, and integration with infrastructure.

Participants will be introduced to urban commons through expert lectures, readings, site visits, and workshops. They will study and analyze a curated selection of urban spaces across Singapore. These spaces will range from gardens, urban plazas, rain gardens, and city parks to innovative neighborhoods, hybrid buildings, and markets.

A special module on research-based design using spatial network analysis tools will be conducted along with the Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) Global at the Singapore-ETH Centre.

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