Urban Design Applications on 6 continents
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The Urban Design Applications on 6 continents program aims to introduce Urban Design (and Planning) in practice, its unique challenges, roles, processes in different contexts/ parts of the world, taking students through the processes of formulation, approaches, design, and implementation etc, of projects in separate locations on 6 continents- North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

The program also introduces the Digital Techniques in Urban Design and aims to introduce contemporary representational techniques for UD. It helps to understand how urban designers think, work, and communicate. The primary role of the digital technique lectures is to provide an entry point into digital software that explores innovative approaches for urban design. Participants learn the basics of geographic information systems, 3d modeling and video making programs while gaining experience with efficient cross-platform workflows for collaboration. The program accommodates beginners and individuals with low digital skills. 

The program is further designed to assist students with an understanding of the academic and professional possibilities of studying/ practicing Urban Design.

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