Urban Water Narratives: Story of Bhopal’s Water System
Image source: Incredible India, 2021

Bhopal, the City of Lakes, has been blessed with numerous water bodies that have served multiple ecosystem services over time. The city’s water bodies are its lifeline as their significance lay in varied uses. They act as a source of drinking water, maintain ecological biodiversity along with serving recreational and economic needs. However, like any other secondary Indian city, Bhopal’s water bodies have deteriorated both in terms of their volume and water quality, especially since the turn of the century.

This course aims to document the narratives revolving around Bhopal’s water systems comprising both surface and groundwater resources. It would look at the chronological evolution of water bodies, their diverse uses, changes in catchments along with the underlying triggers, to document the ecological, social and cultural implications over time. The story would be woven based on observations, interactions with the communities and experts etc. At the end of the course, participants would develop insights into different elements of an urban water system, tools and methods for documenting its evolution and assessing spatial-ecological changes.

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