Virtual Parametric Spaces
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Virtual Reality transports the user to a 3D environment where they can conceptualize, construct, and experience their design within the defined context. During the experience, they can evaluate and resolve spatial, social, cultural, issues while interacting with the virtual surroundings. The course thus intends to create communal, shared, virtual experiences, in which students will design virtual spaces using virtual technologies and designs. It will identify the technical workflow, conceptual issues about the use and impact of VR in design using VR headsets. The students will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of using virtual environments to draw, organize, visit, and share their architectural creations. They will explore the idea of creating their own parametric spaces by bring in their past experiences or futuristic design ideas.They can further invite other participants to experience their designed virtual parametric spaces. They will thus cross the boundary of mimicking real physical spaces to suggest what could be a virtual parametric space and its user experience. The course will thus enable students to develop their conceptual, design and technical skills using VR.

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