WASH in Emergencies
Image source: (Eawag,2020)

"Water and sanitation, along with food and shelter, are the most important human needs in an emergency" what could be a better time than now to relate to this statement. Being prepared for emergencies is crucial when disaster strikes countries. This course would help participants understand the importance and need for emergency preparedness planning with an emphasis on WASH. The course has been adapted from a course at IHE, Delft that is developed in cooperation with major humanitarian organizations. The course is also a part of the Master in Urban Infrastructure (Major in WASH) at CEPT and the Global Graduate Sanitation School (GSGS). The course would focus on interdisciplinary actions to combat Global Emergencies and principles that govern it. The participants would develop an understanding of how to work within the framework and coordination of international aid and assistance during such emergencies. With the help of input lectures and webinars from eminent expects the course would help participants identify the stages of aids, stakeholders in the international relief system and their perspective mandates during emergencies. At the end of the course, the participants will be able to plan, implement and monitor a WASH response to an emergency situation.

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