WASH in Emergencies through Nature Based Solutions in Sanitation
Image source: https://www.indiawaterportal.org/articles/islands-float-delhi-lake

Emergency situations call for a need to address WASH differently. While there have been considerable discourse on WASH responses to emergencies, commentaries on Nature based Solutions (NbS) to provide WASH facilities during emergencies has been limited. Such an exploratory exercise becomes further important as the concept of NbS has been increasingly referred to in scientific literature and also within developmental agendas, governmental policies and non-governmental program. NbS can be considered an umbrella concept covering a range of ecosystem-based approaches that address specific or multiple societal challenges. The difference in focus between NbS and other approaches suggests that NbS is a wider concept to look into processes, providing ways in which they can work at larger scales, towards policy coherence, and in synergy with other methods. Challenges such as the lack of stable electricity supplies, spare parts and suitably-trained operators all indicate a preference for nature-based approaches. It is within this context that this winter school shall focus on decoding this concept of NbS, specifically in sanitation, for young professionals in the built realm.

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