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The “Water Voids” is a 7-day workshop in understanding the impact of the lost water bodies and to map it ecologically and ethnographically. The idea of challenging and controlling nature has been always enticing to man and time and again different forces of nature have been subjected to this reality of man. Chennai is one of the metropolitan cities on the banks of Bay of Bengal. It is the only city with three rivers, multiple coastal wetlands and system of lakes adorning the city. In recent scenarios where Chennai has been subjected to massive floods, almost once in every 10 years. The 2015 floods have been an eye-opener to the fact that the rapid uncontrolled urbanisation will eventually drown the city. The city has lost a lot of water bodies tangibly and intangible which has affected the very nature of the city’s survival in such peak times.
The workshop involves the participants to map the extent of these long lost water bodies and the effect of its absence. The output for the same will be in form of videos or posters that will be displayed in a public domain. We would also require the participants to compose their findings as an article for publishing in a local newspaper.
Expenses for Students :- Materials - Rs. 1000/-, Food & Stay - Rs. 5500/-, Local Travel - Rs. 2100/-

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