When the Mountains Speak: A Himalayan Exploration
Image source: Course Faculty

This course is designed as a classic backpacking adventure, a Himalayan caravan by foot, an exploration to imbibe the climate crisis from the roof of the world and unfold the carefully fashioned layers of culture that intuitively know how to maintain balance. Over millennia, cultures, eco-niches and geology have been sculpted by the massive Himalayan mountains, valleys, rivers and glacial systems. In the haste of modern life, this living heritage of ingenious systems and patterns, even when examined, often goes unseen. At this critical moment in time, students will examine how the Himalayas regulate the global climate and how the mountains manifested one of the world’s most vibrant cultures. What does geography have to do with human behavior and economics? Students will not only be challenged to witness the fragility of the landscape, but also their own fragility to build deeper inquiries about how each discipline – planning, architecture, or technology – can be designed for the advancement of humanity or its demise. This is an immersive, trekking course in which the student’s level of fitness is required for a moderate to difficult trek at high-altitude.

Course Faculty