Writing for impact: producing effective and attractive documents
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This course is for you if
- you keep postponing the task of writing until you can postpone it no longer,
- you can draw but writing seems like a difficult task
- you want to be a competent writer but think that good writers are born and not made.

In the short term, the course will focus on good practices that participants can follow right away to make their writing more effective; in the long term, the course will show how the participants can learn to be better writers The course will benefit you by making you a more confident writer by showing you how to convert your knowledge into information for your readers and by familiarizing you with international best practices in technical communication.

The course covers how to
- search the Internet more efficiently and write literature reviews
- write effective emails, letters, and memos
- make it easier for your readers to absorb quantitative information
-– tackle larger writing tasks (reports, position papers, articles for trade magazines, etc.)
- produce well-designed documents and posters that do justice to your work.

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