Writing Skills for Research
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1. Need for effective Documentation
2. Types of Research Reports - Working papers, Survey reports, Detailed reports,Technical reports and Business reports
3. Report Preparation and Presentation
4. Report Structure: Preliminary section (Title page, Letter of transmittal, Letter of authorization, Table of content, Executive summary, Acknowledgement), Background section (Problem statement, Study introduction, Scope and Objectives of the study, Review of literature), Methodology section (Research design, sampling design, data collection, data analysis), Finding section (Results, Interpretation of results), Conclusion section (conclusion and recommendation), Appendices, Glossary, Bibliography
5. Report writing -Formulation (Features of a good research study while documenting and preparing the report)
6. Guidelines for Effective Documentation (guidelines for write-up, guidelines for presenting tabular data, Guidelines for visual presentation)
7. Research Briefings: Oral Presentation (Key aspects of the oral presentation)

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