Appreciation comes when one is aware of art and its history. This course will explore the finer nuances of the artists and their works. It will be done through the use of audio visual/ lectures, as well as practical application. It will then include demo classes where students will be introduced to the medium used. Here pastel will be the medium used to explore the color palette and will include study of the strokes of the main Impressionist artists, their styles and differences. The course will explore some of the renowned artists like Monet, Van Gogh & Gaugin. Once the exploration studies are done, art work will be done in the style of each of these artists, who although they fit into the Impressionist period, their works differ considerably from each other in style and form. The study of contemporary Indian art will be explored through the study of Amrita Sher-Gil, M.F Hussain and Jehangir Sabavala with focus on their contrasting styles.  After the exploration part here, we expect to have art works representing these artists. Students during the course will explore both dry pastel and oil pastel. The final outcome on the last day of the course will be the self-expression exercises of the students, but in the style of one selected artist in their chosen media. This course will be helpful to students who are interested in portfolio making.

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