This course introduces students to the basic skills of throwing on potter's wheel. It is a 20 hours module with a hands-on approach, learn by making in a workshop based environment.

Students will practice basic steps of throwing clay starting from wedging, kneading and centering clay on motorized wheel. They will learn skills to open out and pull up clay walls to form basic cylinder form and practice to create basic shapes of bowls & mugs. They will be introduced to detailing and finishing that includes turning and trimming a pot, adding a clay handle. At the end of the course, each participant will have gained beginner's proficiency in throwing small bowls and tumblers. They will glaze final works under the guidance of the instructor. The course includes use of potter's wheel and tools, ceramic clay, 1 bisque firing and 1 glaze firing schedule. Each participant will create 5 glazed ceramic pots as output of the course. This is a beginner's course that benefits high school students with a creative aptitude. It is an opportunity to explore the art form and enrich hand skills. It will help students interested in pursuing education in fine arts, art history & design related careers. Ceramic artists & sculptors, studio potters, product & industrial designers, art and museum curators are involved in the subject area of ceramics and pottery. This course will be helpful to students who are interested in portfolio making.

Course Faculty