What is calligraphy? Well according to Karlgeorg Hoefer “Calligraphy builds bridges from person to person and from country to country.” It is a visual language and expressive composition. It is an art of beautiful writing with meanings and concepts. This visual art form gives spoken languages its creative body hence words get its distinctive sound. Calligraphy is combination of symbols, harmony, integrity, ancestry, rhythm and creative fire. The creative design potential of calligraphy is almost limitless: it can be a very personal pathway to explore an enormous array of sophisticated visual concepts. Coming to benefits for learning this art it helps students to expand power of observation, build concentration and increase patience. Calligraphy is the stream of graphic art and design. It will help to identify various letter forms and writing styles. It can provide confidence to write with hand in today’s digital age. This art of writing can improve hand writing skill. Letters in languages are expressive forms which also help to generate forms and structures in the field of architecture and design. In the field of textile, fashion and jewelry design, calligraphic letters or strokes can help to derive motif and patterns. With the help of calligraphic forms, one can create three dimensional art objects in various materials like wood, metal and stones etc. Calligraphy can be used to make murals and canvas paintings. It can apply on the surfaces of various kinds of product of daily use to enhance its aesthetics.

This workshop is the first step to enter into the world of calligraphy for enthusiastic beginners who wish to let their imagination run free. It will be the beginning of fundamentals who wants to learn calligraphy to the core. This workshop focuses on learning following topics like Roman script, various calligraphic styles, letter structure, writing tools, different color medium, historical perspectives, element and principles of design, compositions, word to sentence to paragraph formation. These outcomes will be done through series of exercises and interactive sessions. Course outcome will be in form of posters, cards, bookmarks, paper bags, tea costars, gift boxes, gift envelops etc.

Course Faculty