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It is so important to know our roots, culture and heritage, even if we are moving ahead fast into the future. The ancient wisdom will surely teach us some great art, architecture and culture, if we try to understand it deeply. In this course we will visit the labyrinth of lanes that connected the pols and conglomeration of houses that were usually inhabited by people and families linked together with caste, culture or profession. These old housing clusters or the ‘Pols’ of Ahmedabad have not only survived the test of time, they are still brimming with the Gujarati culture. With huge courtyards, intricately carved wooden facades, frescoes and colourful exteriors, the pols are not only bright and lively but also strategically built for safety and security during the war. We will try to learn the traditional wisdom of Pol houses, it’s architecture and planning and why they are actually considered as our green buildings/sustainable buildings. The course fees includes material cost for the workshop.

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