In today's world we need stories everywhere, for advertising, book making, video game, cartoon etc. Narrative illustration gives visual forms to a story. Pop- up is a mechanism that pops images right off the page and transforms an ordinary 2 Dimensional illustration to magical 3 Dimensional world. Pop-up mechanism engages the viewer’s visually and allow them to have a different physical experience. It gives life to illustration and attracts all age group people. To make narrative pop-up illustration it needs accurate design, basic understanding of mechanism, creativity and lots of dedication.

In this course students will be provided with lot of examples of pop up narrative illustrations to think about their own stories, then how to visually illustrate it in attractive and appropriate way. After that they will learn different pop up techniques (simple to complex) like – “ V “ fold, “ X “slot, lift, “ parallelogram” -  “pull- tab “etc.., and how to use them in their narrative illustrations. Here Drawing, painting, illustration, design and paper engineering merge together. This course will provide students basic understanding of how to make narrative illustrations and how to use it in their own pop- up books/cards. This will enhance their creative thinking through story making and develop their art skills through illustrations. It will also provide accurate design skills and basic pop up paper engineering technique.

Course Faculty