Clay is one the oldest, most primitive medium we know of. It is almost as if we instinctively know what to do when playing with a lump of clay. Even a person not ‘trained’ can make something. It is a material that gives immense joy. In this course we shall focus on making objects from Terracotta. Terracotta is the local, traditional clay dug out from any given region most often reddish when fired. Local potters used this clay to make their wares. We shall during this workshop focus on teaching the students basic skills that will enable them to create objects of their interest from it.

The subject or the theme of this object will be individual; the student will chose a subject that they like, be it pots, sculpture or tiles. These works will then be fired and the students can take back their creations.

The course essentially covers: (1) Basic skills of working in clay (2) Process of drying and firing (baking in a furnace) the works till their finished stage.

All works will be made through hand building techniques only. The aim of the workshop is to allow the student to explore clay very playfully; while also providing the desired technical input.

It provides an opportunity to understand and see if clay is a medium you wish to pursue further.

Please note that students do not need to bring any materials along with them. All the materials required for the course will be provided by Summer Winter School.

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