Collage, comes from a French word, coller, meaning ‘to glue’. It is a technique where you create something from an assemblage of different forms and materials to create something new. The term Collage was coined by artists Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso in the beginning of the 20th century when Collage became an independent part of modern art. According to some sources, Picasso was the first one to use this technique with the coming of Cubism. Many more artists including the surrealists have used collage as a medium of expression. Artist Lee Krasner frequently destroyed her own paintings by cutting them into pieces and to create new art works by reassembling the pieces into collages. The French painter Jean Dubuffet explored collage in various interesting ways, sometimes even using butterfly wings.  The famous painter Henri Matisse created many cut-outs in the later years of his life to express his art. Just like different shades of life, collage could be a creative way to explore different, varied and interesting layers, all on the same surface. The possibilities that collage offers are immense. Creating images with different layers to weave interesting visual effects can be very exciting. With the use of various materials like paper, fabric, found objects etc. and exploring different techniques, one could do wonders with this medium.

Collage is a wonderful technique to explore and experiment with the juxtapositions and arrangements of forms, images, textures and colors. There could be abundant choices that one can make using these materials.  We would also be exploring digital collage with the use of photographs. Through ART OF COLLAGE we will be exploring this medium to its fullest potential and make this an exciting creative journey.

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