The technique of Braiding is only known as the 3 strand plaiting that girls and women do to keep their long strands of hair in order. Braiding can be explored further with multiple strands. Example 4, 5, 6 strands and more. After the simple braiding is introduced, the less known technique of Ply-split braiding would be introduced. Which would be a hands on and learning by doing exercise. Simple key chains would be made. The course would involve making of cords and basics of drawing. The overall attempt of the course would be to introduce students to pliable textile materials and how to manipulate the materials to achieve a useful product. It would be an attempt to learn to work with hands and to sensitize the students to texture and feel of different materials. (This is attempted because students are spending so much time with their touch screen mobiles and laptop computers. This would be a good break to feel the Texture of real materials) having undertaken this course, the students would be introduced to a career of a Textile designer. The various avenues, where even Boys can make a career as Textile designers.

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