Student FAQs

Welcome to CEPT SUMMER WINTER SCHOOL (SWS) program. Our mission is to provide exceptional educational opportunities in summer and winter in support of the University's academic courses with great study opportunities to fulfill the goal. The Summer and Winter Schools (SWS) at CEPT University have great opportunities for students to gain valuable learning experience that go far beyond structured classrooms. CEPT Summer Winter School serves the student community by providing faculty with teaching opportunities that allow them experiment with new materials and teaching methods. Students take advantage of summer winter course offerings to meet requirements for degree programs, and to create more flexibility within their academic program. The opportunity also allows students to expand their cultural, social, and intellectual horizons by studying at CEPT.

The Summer School runs from 2nd week of May to the 2nd week of July. The Winter School is conducted during the first three weeks of December. Exact dates depend upon the academic calendar at CEPT University. Announcements will be posted on the SWS website.

For announcement of the Summer Winter School. Click here .

Yes, The Summer/Winter School courses are open to all students who have passed 12th grade or equivalent and who are currently enrolled in any other University or Institution. The enrollment depends upon qualification mentioned for each course.

Yes, professionals can join the CEPT SWS courses. However, their selection will depend on course faculty.

Registration is very simple.

  • STEP 1: Visit the SWS website at https://sws.cept.ac.in/. at https://sws.cept.ac.in/. CEPT students may simply SIGN IN using their CEPT Connect credentials, External students and professionals need to register by visiting the above link.
  • STEP 2: Set Credits
  • STEP 3: Select Confirmed Courses and/or Select Optional Courses
  • STEP 4: Pay fees through online only, to complete the registration process.
  • STEP 5: Accept Optional Course

Non-CEPT students need to submit a bonafide certificate from their institute through an online upload online during the registration process.

Professionals will be enrolled for courses based on screening of documents by concerned faculty. Applicants need to submit their Degree Certificate along with a letter from their current organization they are associated with. These documents are to be uploaded online during the registration process.

No, course fees do not include food, accommodation, travel expenses, visa and insurance charges. Students and applicants are responsible for these expenses. Kindly refer point 9 on page 9 in the Students Handbook .

SWS is not responsible for VISAs. Students are responsible for their Visa requirements.

If the courses are undersubscribed, it will be the joint decision of SWS Office, Dean of the associated Faculty and the Academic Director of CEPT University, on whether or not to run the course. In any case, preferences chosen during registration will govern allotment of course(s). If courses opted by student(s) are closed due to insufficient registration, students will be offered to choose a course from a list of courses that have vacant seats. This will be done on first come first basis.

Yes, Student is allowed to change their course selections twice after the payment. As students change the course and select another course, previously confirmed course will be released for other students for selection, or confirmed to the students in the waitlist, as the case maybe.

No, students cannot change course(s) after allotment.

The CEPT University has formulated a refund policy applicable to all students and professionals registering for courses at Summer Winter School. The quantum of refund varies and depends on the time frame in which courses are withdrawn from, declined or dropped. For more information on the refund policy please click here .

Online application for refund can be made from the student dashboard in SWS website. Take a print of the refund form, sign and submit in hardcopy along with the original copy of the pay slip(if paid via bank deposit) to the SWS office for processing.

On successful completion of the course, a CEPT University student will get credits in their transcript. External students are awarded a Certificate of Successful Completion of Course, as per rules. Students are expected to follow the University rules during their respective courses.

Students can SEND emails to SWS office staff at summerwinterschool@cept.ac.in.

You may also refer the SWS website for more information by visiting https://sws.cept.ac.in/.

The Summer Winter School office is located near south gate of the ‘Universities Offices’ building. The office is open from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday.